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When Barry Barkan met our new staff members, Lorelai and Zoe, he was moved to bless us that the Minyan would not become a footnote in the history of Jewish renewal but would but that, instead, these people would bring us on into a new era.

We all know that the Minyan cannot run solely on volunteer effort unless some people devote their whole lives to it.

For the sake of the future, and for the sake of fairness, help us carry the load.

Purchase one or more monthly hours of staff time for $25. This will be a recurring monthly purchase. One hundred of these will provide $2500 a month, a half time salary.

Please do this now! Help carry the load, purchase one or more hours of staff time. Our goal is 100 hours by the end of the reunion.

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Tote Bag
Tote Bag
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Aquarian Minyan Tote Bag

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