Yuval Ron: Mystic Heart Music 3 ~ Chochma-Bina

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Yuval Ron: Mystic Heart Music
Session 3: The music and teachings of Chochma (Wisdom) and Bina (Knowledge) 
July 8 @ 8:30-9:30 pm PST
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Join world-renowned musician and teacher Yuval Ron to learn heart-centered techniques for accessing the Sephirot (primal creation forces/energy centers) through music, movement, Kabbalistic wisdom and contemplative practices.
This drop-in series of experiential workshops shares practices — many of them hidden until recent times  — to root, ground and connect us in our work towards a heart-centered shift in world consciousness.

Session 3 focuses on practices for engaging the twin sephirot of Chochma (wisdom) and Bina (knowledge). These two centers of energies placed in the head, effect our thinking, and actions in the world. The balance and interactions of the two, are essential for survival and success in every human endeavor. In this webinar we will learn how to access these spheres (Sephirot), and use sound, breathing, chanting meditations to invoke and balance their qualities.

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About Yuval Ron:
Yuval is an award winning composer, recording and touring artist, record producer, educator, and peace activist. To listen to his music and for more information about his recordings, books, talks, master-classes, workshops and concerts, please visit: www.yuvalronmusic.com

All hearts welcome to this featured offering of the The Revolutionary Heart - Jewish Adventures. Co-sponsors include The Aquarian Minyan, Keneset HaLev and Derech HaAretz Outdoor Yeshiva.

July 8th, 2020 5:30 PM through  9:30 PM
United States
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